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METRO Group is one of the top leaders in wood-based panel industry in Thailand. With our high and advanced technology, we are a specialist manufacturer who provides a full range of wood-based panel products including Plywood, Hardboard, Particle Board, MDF, and others value added products such as door, MFC, MMDF, Veneer Panel, and Laminate Flooring.

METRO Group is continuously gained its reputation and trust from worldwide leading customers as we practice the quality control follow the international standard to ensure the efficiency of production and management system.

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All of Metro-Ply products are thoroughly under quality control to ensure the world-class quality of products.

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[heading text=”Particle Board (PB)” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) ” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”Hardboard” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”Plywood” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”ALPI and Fancy Veneer Panel” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”High Pressure Laminate” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”Door & Doorskins” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[heading text=”Laminate Flooring” tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]
[quickview photo=”3954″ title=”Raw Material” columns=”6″ img_position=”imgright”]Our raw materials for wood-substitute panel are selected from rubber wood, and Eucalyptus plantation. Metro Group is able to preserve more than 1,200,000 acres of natural forests a year.
In order to prevent the raw materials shortage, we have been establishing more than 3,000 acres of our own plantation in Kanchanaburi, Kamphaeng Phet, Prachinburi, and Surat thani provinces. This can ensure the availability of our raw materials throughout the year.[/quickview]
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